This is Motivw

Sustainable Streetwear 

Since 2017


  • Μοτίβω (pronounced motivo) is a social design fashion project based in Nicosia, Cyprus.

  •  It was first realised as a series of workshops in 2017, as part of RESPUBLIKA! , an arts festival focusing on media democracy. 

  • The team has since grown, through a series of collaborations into a sustainable fashion brand, aiming to utilise military surplus materials and other waste fabrics to create youthful items of clothing that promote unity across the island.

  •  The project has been featured in the London Graduate Fashion Week catwalk for Nottingham Trent University and was nominated in the Sustainable Fashion Category; has won the Bright Ideas Social Enterprise Award by Kingston University London and was granted funding by the Santander Universities Fund in the UK.

  • We are a team of young, energetic designers, fascinated by the nature and the colours found on our native island, Cyprus. Our goal is to promote a more sustainable lifestyle in terms of fashion by promoting up-cycling, second hand shopping and social causes. We are proud members of the Fashion Revolution Cyprus